Sizing Chart

This guide applies to our bandanas. Our sizes are measured in "Snaps" and "Length."

  • Snaps represent the circumference (in inches) for each pair of corresponding buttons (double snaps).

  • Length represents the measurement (in inches) from the base of the bandana to the tip. 

  • Disclaimer: The bandana is intended to be worn only around the dog's neck as an accessory. If you (the owner) measure the dog's neck correctly, the bandana fit should be comfortable for your dog to wear. 


Extra, Extra Small (Select-Bandanas)Snaps at 8" and 10" | Length: ~4.5"

Extra Small: Snaps at 9" and 11" | Length: ~5.5"

Small: Snaps at 12" and 14" | Length: ~6.5"

Medium: Snaps at 16" and 18" | Length: ~8.5"

Large: Snaps at 20" and 22" | Length: ~9.5"

Please ensure that you measure your dog's neck before you place an order; we cannot emphasize this point enough. These sizes documented below are default neck sizes (if a customer chooses not to leave us a personal note). Please be advised that this size guide DOES NOT take into account the following: how the dog's hair is cut, how your dog will grow over time, or other measurements such as the dog's girth size. If your dog's neck size is close to one of these measurements documented below, consider ordering one size up.

If you have any questions about sizing or about a specific product, please reach out to us via our contact form before you place your order. We want to make sure that you order a proper fitting product. Again, you leave us a note prior to placing your order, documenting your preferences. While we cannot guarantee your preferences will be exactly met, we will do our best to accommodate and ensure that you receive a high-quality product.